Media Office

Media Office

Message of the Media Office

The Media Office of the Bright Star University seeks to be a link between the university and the society through possible media, including the definition of the role of the university and its mission and achievements during the course of education, and work to build a positive image of the university to the public and internal and external, and open a window for students and the community to see the most important achievements of the university Of developments and activities.

Objectives of the Media Office

• Defining the role of the university and its mission and achievements in the media.
• Creating a link between the student and the university.
• Enhancing communication between the university and society and public and private institutions.
• Continuous communication with different media and building a positive relationship with them to achieve the goals and strategies of the university.

Functions of the Information Office:

• Disseminate all news and announcements related to the university, and facilitate the task of students, the media and all segments of society to obtain information about the university.
• Communicate with the media to spread the message of the university and its services to the community.
• Media documentation for all university activities from conferences, seminars and graduation ceremonies.
• Supporting all departments in the implementation of events, conferences and seminars.
• Coordinating with the media organizations that wish to conduct media interviews and scientific programs within the university and cover the activities of the university.
• Manage all university pages on social networking sites.
• Writing and editing news and articles published on the university's website and all university pages on social networking sites.
• Implement the designs and illustrations required for all university pages on the social networking sites and the official website of the university.
• Contribute directly to the development of the official website content of the University.
• Manage all responsibilities related to the media coverage, news and information materials of the university.